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Hockey is finally catching on in South Florida


I count 5 dudes up there with Kris Letang and David Booth fighting for the puck against the boards mere feet away from them. You’ve got cell phone dude on the left, heavily engrossed in conversation about whatever it is Floridians talk about (I imagine it to be alligators and hanging chads). Two seats over, you have Marlins hat holding something that must be absolutely fascinating, as it has grabed the attention of the two dudes to his left.  It must be fascinating too, given that it appears that Letang appears ot be rummaging through Booth’s breezers. (Sidebar.. What jersey is that guy wearing? It looks like a Preds jersey maybe? #96?  A) Who would wear a Preds jersey? B) Who hsd ever been 96 in Nashville?)

The only person who seems to be paying attention, is girl on the end who seems to be realizing that the last name is “Booth” not “Boobs”, wich obviously makes more sense. She’ll fill the other guys in when they decide to give a shit.


(P.S. I’m back! There will be a drinking game later this week, and also, I am now tweeting! @victoriawxtimes. Follow me or else)