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Hurricane Irene and the NHL

As you may or may not know, in real life, I am a meteorologist. It’s true! I thought, with Hurricane Irene dominating the news and me having such a great platform to inform the masses, I would exercise my meteorological muscle and give forecasts for every NHL team that might be in line for Irenes wrath.

Carolina Hurricanes: Whoa. A hurricane affecting the Hurricanes? Sorry to blow your mind with just the first one. I’m too confused to forecast this one.

Washington Capitals: Washington looks to hold up well to the storm on paper, but I think when it comes to crunch time, Washington is just going to fall apart in the end.

Philadelphia Flyers: It wasn’t all that long ago that Philadelphia was looking pretty good, but an inexplicable series of decisions has left Philadelphia vulnerable.

New Jersey Devils: This far north, the threat for rain will be the biggest thing. The only thing that could save Newark is a seawall. A fat, aging seawall.

New York Rangers: So much rain. So much damage. Could bring a tear to Mark Messier’s eye

New York Islanders: Could get blown all the way to Quebec. Not that anyone will notice or care.

Boston Bruins: Oooooohhhh nooooooo a hurricane. Protect the Stanley Cup. Screw You, Boston.


(For a more realistic look at the hurricane, take a look at my weather site, Victoria-Weather.com. ~~cRoSs-PrOmOtIoN~~)