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If NBC is Smart, They Will Put Milbury and JR in a Steel Cage Match

I will pay $1,000 to see these two locked in a STEEL CAGE OF DOOM. That’s a lot of damn money for a blogger. That’s like, more money than we’d ever know what to do with or have ever possessed. I think it would pay the .com and hosting for like a decade. YOU CAN SEE THE SACRIFICES I’M WILLING TO MAKE.

So Dick Ebersol get your sh… No wait he’s not in charge now. Umm… Let’s see here. (Googles “NBC Sports head honcho”). Mark Lazarus? Who the F-? Whatever. Anyway, listen here Mike Laurinitis. You go grab those sleek cut scene guys over at HBO, call up Pay Per View tell them we got something that makes Floyd Mayweather look like a Smurf, get Darren Pang to be the ring girl — OK NO DON’T DO THAT — UFC is based in Nevada so I’m sure lending out their ring girls is nothing new… but LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN PEOPLE. Write your senators, write Gary Bettman, and that Lazarus guy. We’ve got to capitalize on it while the proverbial irons are hot. This guys did a great promo last night on NBC, it’s really got people fired up for the main event. Totally looked unscripted. Now let’s make like boxing and cash this sucker in!


(click the picture below for video)

* – May not be an actual thing Don King said.