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Is This How You Would Like to Be Rememebered?

Don Koharski is retiring from his position as an NHL referee at the conclusion of the season. Most people remember him for a 1988 incident (now YouTube legend and is the second AND third results on Google when searching “Don Koharski”) where former Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld screamed at him “you’re a fat pig” and told him to “have another doughnut.” Because I’m sure any calls Koharski may have missed were because he had a snout and affection for doughnuts. 

Anyway, the press has been touching on Koharski’s retirement of late and when we dream of becoming famous in the world of sport, isn’t this how we’d like ESPN to headline our retirement soliloquy?

Yeah, probably not. But hey, I’m sure Krispe Kreme could use a new spokesperson.

Maybe when Joe Sakic retires the headline will read “NHLer attacked by snowblower retires.” They’ll just totally over look the whole Future Hall of Famer thing. And when Marty Broduer retires they can use the title “Sean Avery’s archenemy retires.” I would pay a lot of money to see Brodeur’s reaction to that headline.