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Isles May Have Been Preoccupied This Summer

The Islanders are currently in the midst of a 7 game losing streak. Alcohol sales are up on Long Island (I assume), people are generally disinterested (as can usually be assumed) and this one may last a while. The team takes on Anaheim later tonight, really the only winnable game of a west coast road trip before they head to San Jose (Dany Heatley likely to score at least seven goals) and Los Angeles (where they never win even if the Kings are bad). And then they come home for Tampa Bay! Fun!

But the other day, reader Michael N shed some light on the situation. And we’re never above a good dick joke. As you can see in the bottom headline in the image below, Tavares could, um, be a little preoccupied during the off-season. No, the losing streak is definetly not because the team is bad. No way. They just have a lot of injuries /Garth Snow brainwash’d

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