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James Duthie is Onto Us Bloggers

Every blogger living in his parents’ basement apparently knows exactly where Chris Pronger is going, and who is coming back the other way. He knows this because this dude in his Psych class told him. And the dude in his Psych class knows this because his roommate once dated this girl who moved to California and works at a Hooters near Anaheim, where the Ducks equipment manager’s cousin was having wings and beer last Tuesday, and told her the Pronger deal was done. So she Twittered it.

Duthie, who writes for the Ottawa Citizen is correct. Well, almost correct. I know where Chris Pronger is going expect my friend’s dog told me. That’s just cause I’ve never taken a Psych class. I’m not going to get into how many false rumors come out of the MSM, cause at this time of the year pretty much everyone is guilty of temporary trade deadline insanity.

It’s funny when people make sweeping generalizations. As Duthie said, “Every blogger living in his parents’ basement apparently knows exactly where Chris Pronger is going.”

Man, all of us bloggers living in our parent’s basements are probably really offended right now. (In the interest of full disclosure I, for one, live upstairs.) All those bloggers are probably offended like James Duthie would be if I said “Everyone who writes about hockey for the Ottawa Citizen is a moron.”

Ah yes, the magic of sweeping generalizations. They can make even the smartest person sound ignorant and get you in a lot of hot water, if you choose to make one about people of a certain gender, race, etc.

This is kind of like when I was 17 and took a defensive driving course to lower my insurance premiums. At the time, I had never gotten a ticket or been in an accident. Yet, the majority of the adults in the class — who were there because they were trying to get tickets erased or were in accidents — insisted that all the darned kids on the roads were the problem. Yeah, cause that’s why you got pulled over for doing 70 in a 55.

Not all kids are bad drivers. Not all bloggers live in their parent’s basement. Not all hockey writers for the Ottawa Citizen are morons. Well, maybe that last one is a half truth.