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Keeping It In Perspective — Wahlstrom Subverted the Rules

I wrote — what I think — is a nice, positive piece about the kid who scored the whirly shootout goal in Boston the other day for FanHouse. I’m glad there are folks out there who can help me keep things in perspective.

10-16-2009 @ 4:21PM

mattshoa said…

Granted it was an amazing goal especially for a 9 yo. Took alot of practice. However, under USA Hockey rules (406 (a)) during the execution of a penalty shot the puck must be kept in a forward motion toward the goal. Once he picked up the puck and brought it behind him as he spun around, he no longer kept it moving forward . As a result, the official on the goal line should have terminated the attempt and washed out (disallowed) the goal. Unfortunately, a lack of rule knowledge and the application of the rule by the official has resuled in everyone believing this kid did something within the boundry of the rules while he did not.