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Kevin Lowe, Trying to Piss Off More People

Lowe seems hell bent on making a big signing.
Darryl Dyck/Edmonton Sun

Oilers GM Kevin Lowe is at it again. After failing to sign RFA Thomas Vanek a few weeks ago, he’s made another offer to a RFA. This time, it’s Anaheim’s Dustin Penner. Chances are, that’s bound to piss off a few people around the NHL, just like it did last time.

In case anyone needs a reminder, what Lowe is doing is perfectly within the rules of the CBA. It may be against some moronic unwritten rule in a few front offices, but there’s nothing in the books against it. It’s running up the score late in a game. There’s no rule against it, but you’re probably going to get someone’s panties in a wad along the way.

TSN is reporting that the deal being offered to Penner is for 5 years at $21.25 million. The Ducks have a week to match the offer, and if they do, it’ll be interesting to see who Lowe’s next target is. By making a run at Penner, it’s clear that Lowe has every intention of making a serious play in the RFA market.
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