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Let’s See How Many Cat Playing Hockey Jokes We Can Make in :20

Ever watch Tosh.0? It’s awesome if you’re a bored 18-35 year-old like myself. Tosh’s show is an ingenious idea, basically he shows funny YouTube clips and cracks jokes about them. Essentially it’s what we do except in TV show form so he’s a lot more rich and famous than all of us combined. If only we had thought of it first… Anyway, one of the things he does is put 20 seconds on a clock and make rapid fire jokes about a specific video. Today, I’m going to try it. Except this is a blog and there’s no way to accurately count time. Just imagine there is and read these jokes as fast as you can.

– You know a video is gold when the camera person proudly announces that they’ve gotten the camera to record.

– These guys are clearly Dallas Stars fans because after living with Marty Turco for the last 9 years any goalie seems like a good one.

– This cat is a big showoff. I haven’t seen a goalie lay out in such a completely unnecessary fashion since Dominik Hasek left the NHL.

– If this cat played for the Canadians, he would have been run out of town years ago.

– Is it weird that I can’t think of a single joke to make about the Islanders?

– I haven’t seen a cat this cool under pressure since Homeward Bound.

– Is it weird that if you asked me to choose between living with this cat and Mark Messier I would choose this cat every time?