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Let’s trade Gaborik for Finland

The new Wild team log

This is how the last couple weeks of October are going for me: My old computer died. Had that thing since 2002. We had some good times, and it had pretty much all of my old files, since I’m too cheap to put Office on my laptop. I found out that due to some massive organizational changes, my work schedule in December is going to be all messed up, and I will be working Christmas Eve and Christmas for the second year in a row. Also, next week I’m moving, and I have to do it all by my lonesome. This month sucks.
At least I have my hockey team, right? At least there is some sameness there, right?
Oh, shit.

There are three ways that this could end that won’t destroy me emotionally.

– Gaborik resigns with the Wild

– Gaborik is traded for a package included exclusively Finns. It would be whimsical, and frankly, Finns are awesome. I would love to have a monopoly on the Koivus. Looking at this delightful site, my new favorite on the internet, it appears that the best trade partner would be Flyers, who have Sami Kapanen, Lasse Kukkonen, Antero Nittymaki, Kimmo Timmonen, and Ossi Vaananen. Wild radio guy Tom Reid would lose his mind pronouncing those names. Also, fun fact, Sean Bergenheim is a Finn. The hell?

– The Wild get back a ready contributor as well as a prospect or two. The Wild are able to contend right now, despite the Gaborik situation. Sure, trading Gabby would be best long term, but why should we destroy our chances this year? The best idea would be a trade to a team ready to make the jump, someone in the east, and someone with enough prospects to make it worth our while. By golly, I think I just described the Habs!

After those facts, this is the trade that would make me happiest… Gaborik for Koivu and one of the Kostitsyn’s. If not them, maybe Guillaume Latendresse. Or all four. Probably all four.

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