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Mrs. Tavares Goes to Work.

Habs Hat + Tavares shirt

Let me explain: this picture is the result of a bet I had at the store. Thanks to stupid Kostitsyn scoring in overtime, the Leafs lost and the Habs won, which means that I have to wear the Jose Theodore toque for a week.
I figured I make the best of a bad situation and create a second Mrs. Tavares adventure, “Mrs. Tavares Goes to Work”, after the jump.
Mrs. Tavares needs a job so she can afford things like rent,bacon, and booze.
all the stuff in the store
Mrs. Tavares has to sell all this stuff or she won’t have a job.
Mrs Tavares should not make bets about the Leafs. It gives her lazer eyes
Mrs. Tavares realizes she should never make bets involving the Maple Leafs. It gives her a case of a “Mehs” and laser eyes.
Marc savarc and Phil Kessel pictures
Mrs. Tavares has many famous friends, including Marc Savard and Phil Kessel.
Mrs Tavares and Phil Kessel
Mrs. Tavares loves hanging out with her friends….
…And she still hates sparkly vampires
screw Twilight
The End.
(special thanks to Pat and RJ Holidays for the place)