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Mullet Monday: Revisiting One of the NHL’s Greatest

…Mullets that is. One of the NHL’s greatest mullets. Well, to be fair, he was one of the NHL’s best players of the last two decades (save for that trip to Washington). This week’s winner of Mullet Monday is 1990s Jaromir Jagr!

At a time when the mullet was, well, sort of popular Jagr was the preeminent spokesman for the hairstyle in the NHL. One of the immortal images is that of his Score rookie card (remember, we’re talking about the days when trading cards were big, too) and even today it’s the #1 Google Images result for “Jaromir Jagr”. It is one of the cheesiest looking card sets ever with barber shop piping around the sides and an odd looking little Russian kid on the front. Labeled with “1st Round Draft Choice 1990” you had to wonder how this kid was going to help the Penguins. Turns out, he had a very skilled mullet; putting together an average of 30 goals/year over his first 4 years. And, yeah, I guess there were a few Stanley Cups in there too or something. Whatever, the Islanders still kicked their ass in ’93… Which was the last time the Islanders won a playoff series…

*blogger looks whistfully out the window*

Now, you’re probably wondering where the mullet is in the picture to the right. It either hadn’t grown in yet or was tucked up under that cap. But don’t worry, we’ve got some awesome rockin’ shots of it. 

There we go, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Gotta love the sort of jeri-curls going on there.

Now, we’ve got one more for the ladies. And there’s a special guest star. Yes folks, that’s Mario Lemieux there with a baby mullet. I’m surprised they didn’t pin some locks on the Stanley Cup for this photo just to give it the full effect.