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Pat Burns Shows Up Internet, Quotes Monty Python

Defeater of cancer (times two), and defeater of internet reported deaths, Pat Burns is one tough son of a gun. A few weeks back it was reported numerous times on the internet — by “reputable” media outlets, no less! — that the former coach, now stricken with terminal lung cancer, had passed.

That was news to Pat Burns.

“I’m not dead, far (expletive) from it,” he told TSN.

Man, if hockey ever wanted it’s own version of Chuck Norris, I think we found him.

Yesterday, Burns came to the groundbreaking of an arena being built in his name, the soon to be Pat Burns Arena on the campus of Stanstead College. He didn’t have much to say, but what he did say to reporters was “I’m not dead yet.”

‘Not quite dead.’ As I’m sure someone in the audience was thinking to their Monty Python loving self. Or at least I was.

While Burns is fighting a losing battle, he’s still got some fight in him and he’s certainly an inspiration. And a sense of humor.