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Rick Nash, on the mo… oh wait, no

Rick Nash, man. Is he ever going to leave Columbus? He was supposed to be traded last year during the offseason so the Blue Jackets could collect a bounty of prospects. Instead, the BJs tried to bolster their team, adding Jeff Carter. That was an interesting strategy. 

Then at the trade deadline, he was supposed to be traded again. Instead, the Jackets traded Jeff Carter. Dammit Jeff Carter! Is it your fault that Rick Nash is still in Columus? Maybe.

Now, during the draft, it was almost certain  he was going to get traded, right? Well, apparently, those in Colombus, and across the NHL forgot about him, because he wasn’t even moved tonight. My belief, personally, is that Columbis does not have functioning electricity, and thus the airport can’t accept any traffic, inbound or outbound. And also, the Blue Jackets cannot ake or receive phone calls.

Sorry, Rick, you’re stranded in Ohio. At least it’s not Edmonton.