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The Cops Drinking Game


If you don’t follow me, Kevin and LD on Twitter, you missed out on a little back and forth about something dubbed the Cops Drinking Game. Also, frickin’ follow us already (I am @victoriawxtimes), IT was a college game that my roomates and I invented, and eventually saw turn into one of the greatest things ever. People loved it and assumed (wrongly, as it turned out) that if we could make a drinking game out of the greatest reality show on television, we must be fun dudes.

Yeah. Anyways, since I didnn’t get a Versus [drinking]  Game of the Week assembled, I thought I would go ahead and introduce you all, dear readers, to the greatest drinking game of my life. Or at least, my favorite drinking game of my life.


… for every cop with a mustache

… every bit of censorship (bleep, blur, etc)

… for every dude without a shirt on

… for every time an officer of the law uses an unscientific drug reference, (pot, crack, etc)

We used to have a rule where guests got to pick a new rule. My roomates friend came up with “chug during chase scenes” I almost died that night. Another perfect storm was a vignette was in, I believe Boise, Idaho. Here’s the scene:

Police (both with wispy mustaches) finally get a pickup truck that has been party to a drug deal to pull over. Shirtless dude stumbles out of the car and staggers around

Cops: “Where’s the dope, man?

Shirtless Dude: “F%# you. I ain’t got now f#$% dope mother f#$er. F#$% pigs I ain’t got none of that s&%#”

Cops: “Come on man we know you got some dope, jsut tell us where the dope is. Why don’t you have a seat? Tell us where the dope’s at.”

SD: “I ain’t sittin for s^%$ motherf@$er. F#$ you.”

Cops: “Takke it easy. You’r obviously on some dope right now, why don’t you have a seat and tell us where the rest of the dope’s at”

SD (quietly) “Man, I ain’t got any f#$% dope man, I f#$%in told you that”….. pause…. meth switch is flipped “YOU F#$%in PIGS KEEP RIDIN’ MY S#$% YOU F#$%IN MOTHERF#@ERS!”

/makes move towards cops


SD: “F#$% F#$% F#$% F#$% F#$% F#$% F#$% F#$% F#$% F#$% AAAAAAAAAAAAH F#$%! It’s in the F#$%in truck F#$%! The s%$#’s in the F#$%’in truck! F#$ F#$% F#$% F#$%!

So you see how this game can be fun? And no, this has nothing to do with hockey. Well, they filmed in Nashville one time. Maybe they could arrest David Legwand or soemthing.