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The human squirrel


Last night, when I was working on that Ric Flair post, the power flashed and went out. Having recently moved, I thought maybe I forgot to get it transferred to me. Then I realized they probably wouldn’t turn it off at 1230 in the morning. Looked out the window, and it was out for blocks. After not too much longer, the fire department, including a couple of ladder trucks raced by. They eventually closed one of the cross streets. I assumed a car had found its way into a telephone pole.

Eventually, power was restored and I checked the news to find out about the accident. Alas, it was something better than an accident. The TV news said crewes responded to reports of “a man on fire”, which is awesome. Does this have anything to do with hockey? No, of course not. But your know what? I think everyone should know about the dumbass that knocked power out to thousands because he needed to feed his meth habit. Or Brent Seabrook put him up to it.