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The Lightning will start training camp on time

If you don’t know, beloved former-ish writer for Barry Melrose Rocks, Loser Domi lives in the Tampa Bay area. I’m sure you didn’t know, but my very own beloved and not at all former-ish parents live generally around Fort Myers, when they don’t escape back to Minnesota to cool off.  Apparently, also, there are a couple of NHL franchises in Florida. The good news is, LD made it through unscathed, my parents were in Minnesota, but their place made it out OK, and the Lightning, at least, have said they are going to start training camp on Thursday, right on time. Hang on, it’s about to get a little preachy.

You would be forgiven if you are burned out on pleas for aid after the large scale natural disaster of Harvey along the Texas Coast just a couple weeks before Irma hit Florida, and allowed yourself to be mollified by stories like those above, but the hard truth is that hurricanes disproportionately affect the populations they impact. Generally speaking, those that were impacted greatly by Irma are not the types that are coming to hockey blogs to read dumb jokes and lazy MS paint images, and they aren’t going to be those that have beachside condos that they visit in the summer.  It’s going to be the elderly and the poor, who likely won’t have the means to bounce back without a little bit of help. My parents’ place is ok, but the mobile home park next door is in shambles. So, I’m sorry, but here is one more plea for aid.  I promise we’ll get back to the dumb jokes and lazy MS paint images very soon.