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The Vancouver Canucks want to put you in a lightly used Kia Sportage


/Gentle Music plays in the background

/Daniel Sedin walks to the screen, in front of a green screen of a drone flying over a lot full of new and used Kia’s

Hi, I’m Daniel Sedin with Sedin Kia, the leading Kia distributor of the northeast Vancouver metropolitan area, and we here at Sedin Kia couldn’t be prouder of that isn’t that right, Henrik?

/Henrik enters from the other side of the screen

That’s right, Daniel. What I’m really proud of is our team of certified Kia dealers, who will do whatever it takes to make your car buying experience comfortable and rewarding. No pressure from us!

Daniel: Well, Henrik, there might be a little bit of pressure today. It’s black Friday, and you, yes YOU need to get down to Sedin to find a great deal on a new or lightly used Kia. There are many deals out there, but with our every day bargains you won’t find at our competitors, we don’t have any additional sales.

Henrik: That doesn’t mean we won’t do what it takes to get you behind the wheel of a gently used Kia Sportage.

Daniel: I’ll tousle your hair.

Henrik: I’ll lick your hair.

Daniel I’ll make Sven Baertschi sing to your children.

Henrik: I’ll let you have the leftovers of the bird I just caught and cooked using the light from the copier.

Daniel: I’ll deport every Finn I see.

Henrik: I’ll stare directly into the sun all day

Daniel: I’ll throw in oil changes for life

Henrik: I’ll check your oil right now /takes swig from a jar of Pennzoil

Daniel: I will stand silently in your hallway to make sure that your children don’t wake up and leave the bedroom at after Sven Baertschi makes them sleep.

Henrik: I will stand next to Daniel.

Daniel: So come on down to Sedin Kia, where we probably won’t do any medical testing on you! (c)