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The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week; Detroit at Montreal

It’s the last game before the All Star break which brings it’s own kind of fun. But we need to honor the end the first half of the season, mostly because I said so. Any half of a season in which the Wild spent a good amound of time at the top is a half of a season to remember.

Moment of silence for when Minnesota was good.

All right, now, let’s talk about drinking and watching TV midweek. The final game is between the gritty, perennially awesome Detroit Red Wings and the aloof, perennially whiny Montreal Canadiens. Sure, they have history that goes back further even than the Red Wings, but sacre bleu, Montreal. Just because you speak French doesn’t make you better than us.  All right, let’s go.


… Anytime the All Star captains Zdeno Chara and Daniel Alfredsson are mentioned. Or the All Star Draft. Or the Skills Competition.

… Any time a word is uttered in French. Once per word, friends!

… Whenever there is a commercial featuring a personality from another sport. Good brand recognition, NBC

… Speaking of, whenever they say “NBC Sports”, and drink one in remembrence of Versus. Don’t drink for OLN, you wino.  

Drinking Player of the Week: Ian White

I can’t  seem to find a picture on the internet where Ian White doesn’t look confused.  See? Or can you see it in this one? Or even this one? 

Now, just one post from his Girlfriend forum:

“to most who might not yet know ian white does not have a facebook page and is being inpersanated by a rude selfish #$%# thats being nice so please do not hate him for other peoples worlds” 

Please. Don’t hate Ian White for other people’s worlds.