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The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week; Los Angeles at St. Louis

It’s Thanksgiving week* amd Wednesday, as it is known around here, is Amateur Night. You see, all the people that don’t typically go out, seeing a long weekend ahead and old friends in town, will go out and get faced. This is their one time a year to really cut loose. These are amateurs. There will be vomit at any club or bar you go to. 
Around here, I like to think of ourselves as  professional drinkers around these parts, so we should be drinking on Tuesday night. As luck would have it, they have plenty of amateur hockey players in St. Louis.
(*Bite me, Canada)


… If any of the Blues’ Physicians get a shout out. 

… For every interminable pun about Jonathan Quick 

… For every interminable pun about Thanksgiving.

… For every gratuitous Arch shot. There will be many

Drinking Player of the Week: Alec Martinez!


My my, if Alec isn’t the rakish charmer. A young Matt Dylan this one. His Talk-Sports girlfriend forum page is an act in three parts:

–  “not sure if he was a girlfriend………he might……..”

– “someone needs to spill some info on this guy”

– “He has a girlfriend. Her name is Margaret, they’ve been dating since college.”

Set up, plot progression, tidy wrap up. A perfect short story. Unfortunately, Alec is injured right now, but if the Blues’ physicians can get a shoutout, then surely Alec Martinez can get a mention.