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The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week New Jersey at Washington

Brian Engblom is a scary dude. The haircut makes you think he might be a whimsical, good time kind of guy, but the more I watch him, the more I realize that I wouldn’t want to meet him at a party. He takes things WAY to seriously for my blood. Perhaps I only catch him at bad times, but I feel like if I tried to make a joke about, say, Jiri Tlusty’s naked time, he would look at me sternly and talk about Tlusty’s importance to Carolina’s offense from the checking lines.

Speaking of dudes that kind of scary me, how about Bruce Boudreau? That was kind of a fiery rant, right? On the HBO thing? He pretty much just said the F word as many times as possible but didn’t seem to actually be mad. This is what I call “drunk Enforcer”. That adds a new element to the show, doesn’t it? What if Boudreau is just drinking, leading him to swear profusely? It goes a long way to explaining the Caps lately.


… if you think the Devils depression would be even MORE fun than the Capitals televised implosion.

… for the duration of any video of Marty Brodeur slowly, vacantly eating something

… if anyone finally breaks down and starts calling Bruce Boudreau Wooly Willy. Bonus drink if you TiVo the game with the express intent of pausing it to draw on his bald little head.

… if any of Ovechkin’s post-game skanks make their way on camera.


The drinking player of the game is…. Eric Fehr!


Sexy. Anyone at Talk-sports.net agree?

– Apparently his “smokin’ hot” wife seems to think so. Or so I would assume.

– Eric Fehr abd Grant Fuhr are not related. Their last names are so close, though!

– According to one anonymous commenter, he has a “bit of a staring problem”. I’ll say. Look at him, staring into my soul right now!