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The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week; San Jose at Colorado

I expect that starting next year, we will see a lot more Colorado. The Pacific Division, or as I will now call it, the MacBrayer Division (you know it exists, but never actually see anything from it) will play a lot less central time zone games, which means if West Coast teams are going to get on TV, it will have to be on the rare East Coast trips, or…. Or it will have to be on thos games to Colorado. Because like hell Versus is showing a game from Canada.

Gabriel Landeskog better not suck.


…. Every time a fromer Wild player scores. Sorry, you would never drink that way. Every time a former Wild player refuses to f’ing shoot.

…. If someone says they think they recognize Logan Couture from MMA.  

…. If the word realignment is muttered. Increasing drinks every time the word is said. Prepare to pass out.

….  If Tim Tebow is mentioned. Drink twice if Rocco Grimaldi’s name comes up. Drink thrice if you understand the irony



I am using this image for two reasons. Firstly, that is the most hideous color I have ever seen on a hockey jersey, but I am oddly transfixed. You know what, I kind of love it. But it’s hideous. And secondly, that visor is the size of my windshield. I don’t know if their was an injury, or if he has a tiny head and the visor is disproportionately large, or what. Anyways, nobody is going to mess up Matt Duchene’s pretty. How is it appreciated by the ladies?

– Matt Duchene is the sexiest thing to ever walk this earth ❤ I love you Matty

– Matt Duchene is pretty dang cute!!!!:)

So, pretty well, then. Unless this means something I don’t understand:

–  french man duchene nice fried egg and cuisine toasted jam