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The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week Washington at Pittsburgh

I am excited about today’s contest. I mean, how often do the Caps and Penguins get such a national stage, and against each other! Incredible.

Before I go on, I would just like to take a firm stance against winter. I know, hockey is played in the winter, but it’s also played in Florida and the Stanley Cup Playoffs go through June. We can find away to get rid of winter. We had another foot of snow in Minneapolis, and I’m getting sick of this. It’s pretty great, though, for staying and watching hockey. Oh, you mean to say the game isn’t until evening? What the hell am I going to do until then?!


… For every time a president’s picture is shown on camera. Twice for any monuments. Three times if a Canadian prime minister is shown.

… If any images of the Winter Classic are aired. Twice for images from the Heritage classic.

… If Nick Johnson, Brent Johnson or Tyler Kennedy are mentioned. It’s a Presidents’ Day theme, you see. Drink 5 times if DJ King is mentioned.

… 4 times if after a Penguins goal announcers say something like “Who needs Sidney Crosby?!” (It’s the Penguins, btw)

Drinking Player of the Week… Karl Alzner


I’m not sure Karl Alzner is actually a real person.

– He got engaged this past summer!

– Did he really?

– Yes, her name is Mandy!

– He was apparently on a “Newlywed Game” sketch with Eric Fehr and Mike Knuble. OH, here it is