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Things that have happened since the Blues won in the post season

The Saint Louis Blues seemingly came out of nowhere this season, claiming the Central Division and the #2 seed in the Western Conference. They have only made the post season once since 2004, getting swept by the Canucks in 2009. A lot of things have changed since the last time the Blues took a game against the Sharks in the playoffs of 2004. Here are a few things that have gone down since.
– The NHL Lockout
– The end of ties, and introduction of the shootout.
– The Thrashers move to Winnipeg
– Mario Lemieux played 2 more seasons.
– Jaromir Jagr played an entire Russian career 
– Wayne Gretzky had a 4 year coaching career
– Two presidential elections, including Bush’s reelection and nearly 4 years of Obama. I have no idea what happened in Canada.
– People stopped caring about Jack Black
– Eric Lindros  was still soft
– Oldsmobile stopped production just before the Blues won their last playoff game.
– Friends went off the air
– The entire run of Lost
– Katrina and two tsunami’s
– Barry Melrose Rocks was founded, and moved to Bloguin. The Victoria Times was founded, shut down, and relaunched as the Rhino and Compass 
– Schultz hit puberty (finally)
– I graduated college, and will be celebrating 7 years of post college life.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s been a long time for the Blues. Of course, the Maple Leafs haven’t even tasted the post season since then.