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To be fair, his car wouldn’t be safe in Montreal either
Google tells me it’s an 8 hour drive from Montreal to Philadelphia, not including the rigorous border crossing from the US into Canada, or from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. That would be really tough to do with beer cans stuffed in every crevice of the car and slashed tires. And the beer wasn’t evem Molson!
This was the fate that befell Montreal sportswriter Pat Hickey when he parked in the lot to the Wachovia Center. Some mischevious Flyers fans (I assume) vandalized his car, slashed his tires and stole the Quebec plates off his Honda Civic.

Wait, he drives a Civic? And he has to drive from Montral to Philly to cover his beat? I drive an Accord (and have 200k less miles on it than Hickey does on his Civic) and my commute is 5 minutes. Blogging for the win.