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Yep, Minnesota gave up

Something phenomenal happened over the past 10 years. Everything at Xcel has been sold out. Every Wild regular season game. Every postseason game. Every preseason game. Every Rascal Flatts concert. And Rascal Flatts blows. It all changed this week. The Wild failed to sell out their preseason game against the St. Louis Blues. It’s all over. The party has ended in Minnesota. The Wild aren’t winning with gumption and James Sheppard anymore. Especially James Sheppard. Now the Wild fans have stopped coming in droves to the meaningless preseason games. It’s the end of times.

Or not. Maybe we Minnesotans just want to see good hockey, and preseason hockey doesn’t count. Preseason hockey featuring this particular team especially doesn’t count. Since we’re not going to get good hockey, fans will be more apt to pile into Target Field across town to enjoy the Twins, who at last check are pretty good. We’ll check back in when you get back from Finland.

SPEAKING OF CHECKING IN… BMR Fantasy Hockey is BACK. You, readers, are invited to join the staff of bloggers in a yet to be manufactured fantasy league. This is the first step of said league, in which we try to find the interest level. Feel free to e-mail one of the addresses over yonder on the side bar to tell us you want in on the league. Just so you know, Kevin is filming his next major motion picture, Dave is on a mission trip in Ecuador (he’s teaching the locals how to build and maintain kegerators), Loser Domi will not date you but I, Ryan, I am willing to give you a chance, if you just e-mail me. Thevictimes[theatsymbolwhichonstandardkeyboardsisshift+2]gmail.com. Do it.