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You Only Have Two Days Left to Buy This Jimmy Howard Denture

Times are tough in Detroit, or so I’m told. Declining auto industry, recession, Red Wings getting knocked out of the playoffs, having to pay Megtron all that money, yadda yadda. I’ve only been there twice in between connecting flights for a grand total of probably like three hours but I’m sure that if people are out there selling their dentures on eBay things can’t be that good, right?

If you’d like to own this abomination of sports memorabilia you can through the magic of eBay. It can be yours for $50 CDN, which begs the question: how the hell did this get through customs? And we have so many more questions. Is this a game-used item? Did the original owner have their teeth knocked out in a hockey game? Can we get our own custom Jeremy Roenick denture? Can we get Jimmy Howard to sign this?

The seller doesn’t answer most of those questions in the description but let’s sort through the information they did provide with haphazard grammar and punctuation, courtesy of the Alberta public school system.

This is definatly a unique auction, you are bidding on a used denture with Jimmy howard embeded in the palate of the denture,iv never seen anything like this,

Most people haven’t. And shouldn’t.

no idea of its history or its worth.

Oh COME ONNNNN. You know what the deal is. Don’t be shy.

if anything it is a very rare pice for any collection,iv done a little checking and to have a denture made without a hockey player in the palate (lol)is between $1200-$1500,

It’s got to be like double that to miniaturize and put a hockey player in there, I would think.

if anything its a great conversation pice

(No pun intended?)


to any collector,i have no idea who wore it,or why they would put his picture in the palate,

Cause they liked the idea of having Jimmy Howard in their mouth, I assume.

if anyone knows anything about the history of this plzz msg me as i would be quite interested.

Quick! Someone call Ted Danson and the CSI crew!

The picture is not just stuck on the denture,its actually embeded inside the plastic,like i said never seen anything like it,plzz bid with confidence.

If there’s one thing I have confidence in, it’s my local used denture salesman.

I always send a bonus item if pmt is made within 1 hour of auction ending,this will be a random memorabilia or auto card with a value  between $10-$100. thx

Added value. Solid selling strategy.