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Your Bizarre Ebay Items of the Week

Bored this summer? Yeah, me too. Have some extra money left to spend from that summer job or because you like to throw away money? Then you have come to the right place!

Ebay is a great website. You can literally find everything you could possibly need. Occasionally, that includes human babies and various internal organs. In addition to those rare and valuable items, there are those that really make you scratch your head. Like, why anyone would pay $25 for a staple remover signed by the monkey from Born to be Wild. That’s where I come in. Each week throughout the summer I’ll be taking a look at the strangest of the strange in hockey items on Ebay. Heck, maybe you’ll even find something you like!

BLACK HOCKEY MASK! Hard To Find Killer Look In Black! (Item #: 160256060507)

Looking for a gift for the chainsaw murderer in your family? Well, look no further than this creepy goalie mask. They’ll love it so that no one knows their identity or how hideous they really are from those horrific facial scars they got when they tried to eat knives at age 5 (also good to give to the ugly person in your family). Sadly, this mask does not come with a creepy guy with bad hair behind it, which is pictured. Best of all this mask is ‘hard to find’ so upon the recipient opening your gift, make up some story about how long it took you to find this.

Sale price: $14.95 ($3.95 shipping)

New NHL PHILADELPHIA FLYERS HOCKEY Ceiling Fan 42″ (Item #: 310063071852)

If you’re looking for something to spice up your kitchen or maybe put the finishing touches on that dining room you just remodeled, then this next item is for you. Why put up a generic looking ceiling fan in one of these rooms when you can have one with the Philadelphia Flyers’ logo plastered all over it! This also makes a great gift for the person who needs to have their favorite team’s logo on EVERYTHING. Just so everyone who comes within a ten mile radius of them or their home knows exactly who they cheer for.

“It has a convenient three speed switch for year round comfort.”

Current auction price: $69.99 ($19 shipping) — 0 bids


Lastly, we have people trying to sell you a game you probably made up on your own as a child (I know I did). It’s Mini Carpet Floor Hockey Sliding Puck Sport Game! More commonly known as Carpet Hockey Noun Sport Puck Another Noun Game. That is more commonly known as Mom I Broke the Lamp Again. This is a perfect gift for the unimaginative child in your family (or not in your family). Every kid has a mini-hockey stick but only a select few have the creativity and imagination to come up with a game such as this on their own. For those that aren’t so bright, there’s Mini Carpet Floor Hockey Sliding Puck Sport Game. Gotta love America.

Sale price: $16.99 (free shipping)

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