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Your Obligatory First Round Predictions

We really couldn’t call ourselves a hockey blog if we didn’t go out and put our butts on the line with some predicitions. So today, that’s just what we’re going to do. Remember, fill out your bracket over at Rinkotology and call in sick to work anytime a game goes into overtime. And there’s all of those drinking rules, too. It’s a lot to keep track of but most importantly just try to enjoy all this. It will be summer before you know it.

A quick look at our picks shows that since McBrayer is the only one who picked the Brooins to win it all, it gives us all a chance to lose to him. Again. We also were unanimous on all of our Eastern Conference picks. So take that Devils, you’re now the underdog.

Without any further BS, here are your official BMR playoff picks! Feel free to leave your own in the comments.


Western Kevin Ryan Domi McBrayer
Sharks/Ducks Sharks Sharks Sharks Sharks
Hawks/Flames Hawks Hawks Flames Hawks
Wings/BJs Wings Wings BJs Wings
Nucks/Blues Blues Blues Nucks Nucks
Bruins/Habs Bruins Bruins Bruins Bruins
Devils/Canes Canes Canes Canes Canes
Caps/Rangers Caps Caps Caps Caps
Pens/Flyers Pens Pens Pens Pens
Champ Wings Caps Caps Bruins
Runner Up Caps Hawks Flames Wings