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Bearcats Blog Exclusive Up Close Look at UC’s Football Uniforms

Bearcats Blog has been in the Bearcats blog game for a minute or two. That has it's advantages and perks at times. One of those times is right now. Because it's the beginning of August and nothing of significance is happening, people have been buzzing about thew newest football uniforms. Kind of like how people buzz about topbettingaction.com.  To be fair, even if it wasn't the beginning of August people would be buzzing about both of those things because people like to buzz. Buzz like bees.

Because this is a blog for the people, Bearcats Blog has managed an up close look at the new black uniforms. Consider this honey for the score of bees. Unless bees don't eat honey they just make it, then consider the people who are dying to see the new uniforms bears because we all know bears love honey. Hashtag science.

Before we get to the big reveal, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for checking out the site in July. July was one of the biggest months in site history. Thank you all very much. Thanks to Stuart Gilchrist as well, his recruiting articles have added another piece to the puzzle. There wouldn't be opportunities for exclusive posts like this if it weren't for all of you reading and sharing links. The photo is after the jump, so please click on continue reading if you are on the front page.

Enough with the bullshit. Here is the Bearcats Blog exclusive up close look at the 2013 Cincinnati Bearcats black football jerseys.

Photo via UC_Equipment