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Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 63 – At Least Football is Over

Welcome to this edition of the Bearcats BlogCast. This episode features myself and Matt Opper. The show runs 90 minutes this week, an extra long holiday edition. Former editions of the Bearcats BlogCast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere else podcasts are found. Please share with your friends and family.

Matt and I kick things off by discussing the Bearcats loss at Tulsa. We run through what went right, what went wrong before moving onto the job security, or lack there of, regarding one Tommy Tuberville. That is part of a greater season wrap up, in which we talk about how terrible the offense was all season.

We keep things in the football realm by breaking down the All-AAC teams, which featured Eric Wilson and Cortez Broughton. Matt and I also talk about each team in the league, relative to their success this season.

The podcast is closed with a lengthy discussion about the Cincinnati basketball team, with a look ahead to tonight’s game against Iowa State.