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Blast from the Past

On this day in 1955, Doc Brown was trying to hang a clock in his bathroom. He slipped off the toilet seat, hitting his head on the bath tub. That’s when he came up with the flux capacitor. That’s what makes time travel possible.

I think I’ve seen Back to the Future roughly 7,999 times. And yes, I posted this nerd meme that’s all over twitter because the post I had for today fell through. I didn’t plan this week out very well. What I also didn’t plan out well was the facebook fan page for Bearcats Blog. So far we have had a handful of people join. I suggest you invite everyone you know, and maybe we end up with more than 10 by Monday. If we don’t, Monday’s post is going to be me crying.

I originally was hoping to have another questions thing with DeJuan Gossett for this week, but he never replied to my email for the first time ever. Hopefully everything is alright with him, and he gets back to me one day and I’ll run that next week. I promise you that next week won’t collapse into chaos with lost posts, and hoping people answer emails. Have a good weekend everyone. With UC on a bye, that means one weekend of no frustration. Thanks for reading, and thanks for joining the facebook group. Yeah, I linked to it twice.