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Blog Poll Top 25: Week 5

There is some movement in my Blog Poll Top 25 this week. As expected, I dropped the hammer on Texas, moving them all the way down to 25. I dropped out West Virginia and Georgia Tech after losses,although I nearly kept WVU in. I flipped Boise St and TCU after Boise beat down Oregon State. I’m not very impressed with Oregon State, so that’s why the Broncos sit behind Oregon on my poll. I had LSU too low last week, after their win I moved them up a bunch. I was impressed with Stanford and Auburn. I put two new teams in, Michigan St and Oklahoma St. I think I ranked Sparty way too high, but oh well. If you have any changes I should submit, leave them in the comments. I’ll read them, print them out, crumple them up, and set them on fire.