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The Friday 5

I’m going to try a new feature for Friday. It’s me talking about 5 things that are on my mind. I’ve done this before, but I’ve never called it the Friday 5. That makes it brand new. Everyone is impressed. You better run and tell your friends to check this out or they will blame you for not letting them in on the ground floor. When this article is running in the Wall Street Journal in 2 years, you’ll say you knew me when. Why would this be running the WSJ? I don’t know. Maybe it would be about stocks and bonds and Rupert Murdoch. Let’s get on with it. 

1) The NBA playoffs have sparked the normal debate that happens between NBA fans and college fans every year. The debate about what one is better and more entertaining. I enjoy the college game more. But, the NBA game is clearly superior. That’s something that can’t be debated. There is no one in college who is going to do something like LeBron James did last night. There is no one in college who could do any of the things Kevin Durant did the other day. He’s nailing 3s two steps behind the NBA line. That’s ridiculous. The shots some of the guys make are shots that a dozen people in the world could make. The good thing about basketball is that in close games, you really get to see what people are made of. That’s especially true in the NBA. It’s not so much true in college because most of the time the pressure falls on 1 person. And that person doesn’t get burnt on the stake when they fail. Jeff Van Gundy said during the lockout when he was calling college games that the biggest difference between college and the pros was that all 5 guys in the NBA can score, and college you have 2 or 3 guys who can score. That’s so true and it dramatically changes the product. Nick Collision was an All-American type player at Kansas. He’s a rebounder and energy guy in the NBA. Could he score 12 a game if he wanted to? Maybe. But that’s not what will keep him in the league.  It’s a different beast, the NBA. But for this writer, I still like the college game more. I love March. The regular season has had some of it’s importance drained, but I would much rather watch a day of college basketball than a day of NBA regular season games. If college basketball had an Inside the NBA type show, it would be the best. 

2) Speaking of Inside the NBA, I’m so disappointed TNT is out of games. Everything about their presentation is so much better than ESPN’s. I don’t know what exactly it is, but games on TNT seem so much more important. The announcing is better. That’s even with Reggie Miller being horrible and saying things like “I hope America and the nation embrace this Thunder team.” He’s the worst. He was a baby as a basketball player and he’s a horrible announcer. At least he doesn’t show up on Inside the NBA anymore to ruin that. Shaq did his best to ruin the show at the start of the year, but he got less annoying to me as the season went on. He needs to never say yak yak again. That’s really annoying. 

3) Speaking of Reggie Miller, my 6th grade teacher Ms Denzler loved him. I remember making fun of him to one of my friends in the lunch line while she was standing behind us. She was a big Pacers fan. I remember hearing about how kids walked to her house once. That was weird. One of my high school teachers thought I was following her home once, when in reality I drove though her subdivision. One time she followed me all the way through it. It was kind of funny. Hi, Mrs Helms. I don’t know why I said hi, she doesn’t read this. I’ll find her on twitter and send her this link. Then she will be like, “What is happening here?” I also don’t think that would work because she wouldn’t remember who I am. So I have that going for me. I don’t remember why I started this paragraph. Oh yes, to tell this stupid story. Back to Ms Denzler. One day during one of our stupid tests, I wrote the scoreboard stumper from a Reds game I recently attended in the bottom corner as a doodle. She got it wrong. Then I would ask her trivia questions on the rest of my tests. It was very dorky. It was also why I repeated 6th grade seven times. St Bart’s in the house.

4) I have a confession to make, friends. I’m one of those people who will click on the Top 5 Unsolved Murders lists at the bottom of websites. This happened the other day. I ended up falling down the Cracked rabbit hole. I was up until 4 am reading random lists. I had to shut my laptop just so I would go to sleep and not read any more. The next day, hours wasted reading the 5 songs that don’t mean what you think they mean and other various lists that don’t matter. I had tabs on tabs on tabs opened. It was a dark period. I blame all the ladies out there for this. Why? Because none of them are dating me and it’s leading to things like this. Maybe if I was on a date, I wouldn’t be reading 7 people who disappeared. It’s your fault. The fairer sex my ass.

5) Getting to see one of your favorite bands of all time is pretty exciting. I’m pretty excited because tomorrow night I’m going to see one of my favorite bands of all time, the Shins. New Slang didn’t change my life like it did Natalie Portman’s, but I loved that cd and all the subsequent ones. I haven’t actually bought my ticket yet, but I’m assuming that I am going. I’m also taking the chance nothing terrible happens to me and that I’m able to go. Now I’m kind of worried and might just stay at home and go lay in my bed all day. That sounds like a plan. Be safe this weekend, everyone.