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Lance Stephenson Tries to Dunk On Tyson Chandler

Lance Stephenson was the last Bearcat drafted into the NBA. He's been the only 1 and done of the Mick Cronin era so far. He was the only Bearcat to win an individual award while UC was in the Big East. Stephenson was the Big East Rookie of the Year in 2010. Lance didn't have an incredible year at UC, nor did he have much early NBA success. He barely played his rookie year. He was a spot guy in the rotation last year. This season though, Stephenson has broken out. He started 72 games. He's started every playoff game. He averaged 8.8, 3.4 and 2.4 for the regular season. When you watch Indiana in the playoffs, Lance is a guy that stands out because of his play.

Last night, Indiana tried to put away the New York Knicks in game 5 of that series. Indiana was down 6 in the second quarter when Lance took matters into his own hands. Watch.

Lance thought he could come down the lane and get an easy dunk. He thought he could make a big impression on the game. In a way, this drive represents his career. The first few steps were his illustrious high school career. The slowing down was most of his college career. Then the road block of Tyson Chandler came and put Lance on his ass. That would represent being drafted in the second round, rarely playing as a rookie and getting arrested for pushing his girlfriend down the steps. Lance would get up and keep going, which he has done this season with his fine effort.

In a way, this clip of Lance Stephenson trying to put Tyson Chandler on a poster and failing miserably is a metaphor or analogy for our lives. We are going to have moments where our ideas look like they are great ones, be it in our personal relationships, work lives, or even more mundane decisions like what to eat for dinner. Then Tyson Chandler comes and puts you on your ass. That would represent getting dumped, finding out that your significant other is a terrible person, not getting the promotion or actually being put on your ass by that terrible dinner decision. All we can do is what Lance and the Pacers did. Shake off the affects, call timeout, come up with a new plan and get back in the game.

Video via Deadspin and ThatNBALotteryPick