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Report: West Virginia to Big 12, Cincinnati Screwed?

The New York Times, USA Today, everyone and their brother, that’s a paper from San Antonio, are reporting West Virginia is jumping out of the sinking ship Big East to the more stable ground of the Big 12. The fans of the last 5 teams have to be in a panic. Louisville especially, since the Cardinals were thought to be the leaders to get in the Big 12 a couple weeks ago. Instead, the Cardinals, along with Cincinnati, Rutgers, South Florida and Connecticut are left in the wake. I don’t know how the league keeps BCS eligibility. You can’t think Boise would join now. Boise would be the only team to really help. Navy, East Carolina, Air Force, and so on can’t take the place of West Virginia. We knew the guillotine would fall soon enough, and today, it has. The Big East is dead. 

The Big East has to give up the ghost at some point. I’m not sure barely being mentioned in rumors, or being heavily involved in rumors would hurt more. Right now, I think this much is clear.