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Sean Kilpatrick Awesome Highlight Video

Basketball week is coming to a close, but not really because there is one Bearcats Breakdown left, and I can’t get it up until Monday. Instead, basketball week will now be basketball week and a day. Why? Because it’s my fucking blog and I’ll do whatever I want. For instance, I don’t know what to write about next week, so there might be a Boy Meets World post. Bill Simmons did a post about wrestling songs, I might do a more superior list. The random questions is making a return as well. There is a lot to look forward to on random week. 

Sean Kilpatrick had a very impressive freshman season. I covered that here. While that post was very informative, pictures are much better. I don’t know if Kila made this video or someone else, but it’s a good highlight film. The only problem I have is that there is no sound. You can do what I would do as a kid with Nintendo games, commentate yourself. Even sometimes I would turn the volume down and commentate the game action. I was kind of weird. My love for commentary made me want to go to Syracuse, because that’s where Costas and Tirico and so many others went. I imagined Syracuse being the grail. I think I applied to Syracuse, but ended up going to the right school. It’s Bearcats Blog for a reason. Anyway, let’s leave the week with a look at Sean Kilpatrick. Be safe, everyone.