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The Questions: Featuring Jackie Sprague from WDTN and Mark Strotman from Paint Touches

Welcome back to another edition of the questions. This week I'm joined by two of the very best people that a person can not really know but kind of know on the internet, Mark from the great Marquette blog Paint Touches and WDTN ace reporter Jackie Sprague. You might know her best as RedsBarbie on twitter.

Their answers were so damn good that I shouldn't write any more words, so I won't! Besides noting that the questions are in bold.

It's summer, which means I'm asking a music question. What are 5 albums you have been rocking lately? They don't have to be new. For example I've been listening to the Notorious BIG. The more embarrassing the better obviously. Another example, like Scott Rolen, I like the viva la vida album by Coldplay.

JS: I love Britney Spears, anything and everything.  I get made fun of…a lot.  But, I don't care.  She's my girl.  I've also been listening to Fall Out Boy's new cd Save Rock and Roll, Matt Nathanson's new cd Last of the Great Pretenders.  I'm also a big fan of Taylor Swift and Gavin DeGraw is the greatest.

MS: Solid first question. Kid Cudi music was made for the summer so I've been "rocking" those all summer. I absolutely love Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail so that's been on my stereo basically every day since it came out on the Fourth of July. Randomly I've started getting back into Fabolous. I don't know if that's summer music or not but his older album Street Dreams has always been one of my favorites. On the lesser-known scale, my favorite Indie Rock band Explosions in the Sky is coming out with an album on August 6. It's the best music you'll hear…ever. OK, that's a completely biased statement, but you need to understand how good they are. Do yourself a favor and listen. Then enjoy.

Bonus question, what made me sound whiter, saying 'what are you rocking?' Or liking Coldplay?

MS: "What are you rocking," hands down. God, you are white.

Summer is movie season. Have you seen any of the major hits?

JS: I've seen Great Gatsby and This is the End.  I liked both for very different reasons.

MS: Nope. $12 movie tickets aren't my thing. Seriously, I haven't seen any of the big hits. I saw Dark Knight Rises maybe three weeks ago. I suck. Let's move on.

Bearcats Blog: I haven't seen anything either and I'm glad I asked two people who have seen a combined two movies. I don't feel like I'm missing out that much this summer.

I don't know where you all live because for some reason I haven't been invited to your houses for barbecues or just to hang out and watch Hangin' with Mr Cooper, but its been very hot this summer in my neck of the woods. What are some of your go to its hot outside activities? What about the ones that don't involve alcohol?

JS: I grill out with friends, go to the pool and Reds games, of course!

MS: Solid work on the grammar there, bub. But seriously, I moved to Chicago on July 1 and am just figuring out some of the best areas. Last weekend I went to "Burger Fest" which was just as awesome as it sounds. There was "Rib Fest" that I missed, and I've yet to make it to the beach on Lake Michigan. I can't wait to toss the football around until I'm too drunk not to have the ball hit my face. I'm a sucker for outdoor basketball, too. Ask me this next summer and I'll have a better, more in-depth answer after I've done the Chicago thing for a year.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are a few of your favorites? If not, why do you hate fun things that are good?

JS: The only podcast I listen to frequently is NPR's Wait, Wait…Don't Tell Me (yes I'm really 80 years old)

MS: I'm a big Netflix guy so my lounging around consists of watching that, but I do have three podcasts that I always find time for. The best one is CBS' college basketball podcast. Norlander and Borzello are geniuses, two of the best in the business, and Parrish and Goodman were great together. The second is Simmons' BS Report, because Simmons is just the best at everything. Literally, everything. The third is Hang Up and Listen, which I found randomly but really enjoy because of the diversity of the topics. Since Simmons is "mainstream" sports and CBS's is a one-trick pony, HUAL really rounds out the sport experience. I'd love to hear names of non-sports podcasts, because I have none.

BB: Answering my own question again to say you should listen to Let's Make it Weird with Pete Holmes. It's pretty much like Maron's show, but I like Pete more. It's very funny since Pete is funny and most of the guests are comedians. They end up talking about serious things, Jay Mohr talked about how he almost died and became kind of religious. Plus, his podcast is really long which helps pass the time on trips. The end.

Facebook doesn't seem like anything but seeing pictures I already saw on Instagram and a haven for the people who want to end up on catfish. Is Facebook the worst, or OR is there a worse social media site?

JS: I like any form of social media…since, you know, I kind of make my living by it. (ed: D'oh)

MS: It's really sad to see Facebook go down the shitter like it has over the last few years. I loved simply writing on people's walls, seeing a few decent pictures and liking status updates. The Farmville crap, the terrible ads and more recent random pages that pop up because it's similar to something I like suck. For the life of me I can't figure out why people like Pinterest (chick thing, I guess), so maybe that's worst. But Facebook has become terrible. Unfortunately it's a must-have because, well, it's a social lifeline…*sigh*

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

JS: A SHARK.  I love sharks.  I wish I could have one in Ohio.  It's about two weeks away so I'm super excited http://sharkweekcountdown.com/

MS: Damn, I like this set of questions. I really want a pitbull but probably won't ever get one because of the perception AND because I'm terrified of that perception. If I had to pick one it would probably be a black panther. Those things are just incredibly badass but it has to be on one condition: blue eyes. The blue eyes make it. OK, things just got creepy. I'm done.

BB: I would pick a cheetah.


You are a major television star. Two questions.

JS: Haha not even close (ed: Major star and modest)

What has been the most rewarding event you have covered?

JS: I would have to say any Down Syndrome Society or Make-A-Wish event.  I have an 8-year-old cousin who has downs syndrome and had leukemia. He is now cancer-free! Also, the American Heart Association has my heart.  My dad had a massive heart attack several years ago so I feel like it's my mission to get the word out about heart disease.

What's your most embarrassing story?

JS: I've been very fortunate to not end up on any blooper reel…that I know of.  I haven't had a majorly embarrassing moment (now I probably will). I did have a bug fly up my skirt a couple weeks ago and I've had intoxicated people try to take my mic on live TV after the Kentucky Wildcats won the National Championship a couple years ago.


A huge, huge, HUGE thanks to Jackie and Mark for taking the time to answer my questions this week. They are the best. If you aren't already, follow them on twitter @RedsBarbie and @PaintTouches. You can guess what one is what. Thanks again to them, they are the best, even though neither one invited me to their cookouts. A feelings hurting way to end the questions this week.

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