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Things to Watch: This Joey Votto Profile

This is not Bearcat related in the slightest, but this feature about Joey Votto talking about the death of his father and subsequent depression really hit home with me. When I was laying in bed after I woke up this morning, I started thinking about it’s been nearly two years since my dad has died. More specifically, I was thinking about how during the morning I went to get my oil changed because I was going to take a trip to visit one of my friends and catch a couple of Reds games. When I left, everything seemed fine. When I got back, I found out that hospice nurses didn’t think he would make it through the weekend.

I’ve been pretty bummed all day so far, then I saw this video from MLB of Joey Votto talking about his dad and what he went through. It made me feel I don’t want to say better, but it calmed me down a lot. Knowing that you aren’t alone during dark times and dark moments is reassuring.

As kind of lame as it sounds, this helped me feel better. I’m sharing it with all of you because I hope by sharing it, it makes someone else feel better too.