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UC Basketball Heads to the Bahamas

The Cincinnati basketball team headed down to the Bahamas today in preparation for their 6 day trip. Cincinnati will play a professional team, the PJ Stingers, from the Bahamas.  I hope that team has the guy who was late to a game against Louisville because he had to work. That seriously happened. Anyway, the Bearcats game will not be televised. Unfortunately.

The Bearcats will also play an intrasquad scrimmage. This trip was very well placed. The Bearcats could use a lot of additional practice time, they had 10 days prior to the trip, with an almost completely new roster. The only starters back are Ge’Lawn Guyn, who was 7th on the team in minutes, and Shaquille Thomas, who was 4th. Thomas’ 22 minutes per game are the most of a returning Bearcat. With Gary Clark, Quadri Moore, DeBerry, Morman, Farad Cobb and the returning Octavius Ellis all in the mix this season, a lot of practice and figuring out who can fit where is needed.

UC hasn’t had a roster turnover like this in quite a while. There are just two seniors on the squad, Guyn and Jermaine Sanders. I wish that the Bahamas game was on some kind of tv or internet because seeing what the Bearcats have this  year is going to be very intriguing.