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UC Pro Day

Today, UC held their pro day. My level of excitement was absolutely sky high for this event. Ok, it really wasn’t. I’m one of those people who doesn’t really care about combine stuff. I wonder how workout warriors climb up the draft boards, while guys who were actually good during games don’t. For example, Vernon Gholston. He wasn’t that good at Ohio State, yet, he was a top 10 pick. Needless to say, his NFL career sucked a bag of dicks. Despite me not liking this stuff very much, I know some people out there dig it. For them, I post the following. 

  • Go Bearcats has a video montage of various pro day things. It’s only 2 minutes long, so worth a quick look. 
  • Our good friends at Bearcat Lair have the results of the pro day in picture, and thread, form. My man John Goebel ran a 4.48, which was the fastest of any Bearcat. Armon Binns didn’t run, letting his combine time stand. Vidal Hazelton ran a 4.63 and a 4.62, which seems pretty slow. Hopefully, he made a good impression doing other things. I saw it tweeted that Ben Guidulgi did a lot of presses on something, which would have been the best number at the combine. Jake Rogers had a 61 yard punt. Good for Jake. 
  • Finally, our good friend Matt from Down the Drive had an interview with Mocking the Draft. I don’t know why he would interview someone who mocked the draft when you would think people would want real information from an interview, but that’s his business. 

This isn’t pro day related at all, but ESPN ran a 2 part interview with Butch Jones Friday and Today. Part 1, Part 2. I’ll touch on a couple of highlights quickly. 

  • Jones confirmed that Walter Stewart was going to see a lot of time at defensive end this season. 
  • Jones seemed high on the cornerbacks, saying Cam Cheatham had a great offseason. Cam really blossomed last season, I hope he greats solid PT. Jones said something about the safties, but didn’t seem too pleased with them. Drew Frey is nice, but he’s not very good. I hope Malcolm Murray starts. 
  • Dwight Jackson or Nick Temple is going to be the other linebacker. 
  • Coach won’t say who the kicker is. That scares me. 
  • Bennett asked if DJ Woods was the leader at WR and Jones said “Kenbrell Thompkins is.” Interesting. I’m excited about the young UC receivers. Anthony McClung and Collaros seemed to form good chemsitry late. Dyjuan Lewis might get on the field finally. Thompkins seems to be the man. DJ is DJ. We could have a solid group. That would be a step up from last year when UC had Binns, Woods and dick else. 
  • BB asked about Darrin Williams and Jones completely blew off the question, talking about George Winn instead. I love Darrin Williams, and he should be the back up. You listen to me, Butch Jones.