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UC Ticket Deal

The title of the post sounds like a scam, but hang with me. The Bearcats sent out an email to CMail subscribers with a nice offer. If you go to CatsTix.com and enter the promo code cmail, you can get tickets to the next 2 home games for $20 a piece. The next 2 home games are Saturday against Akron, and Thursday against North Carolina State.

As of writing time, you can get tickets in sections 103, 104 behind the UC bench, 124, 125 behind the Akron bench, 108, 109, 118 and 120. If you like higher seats, there are some in the second level. I just got a fake ticket section 125, row 11. That’s pretty good. A group of 4 for Akron was the same section and row. A group of 4 was section 109, row 8 for NC State.

The offer is only good on the internet. 4 tickets cost $82, so that’s a good deal. If I got this email, I’m sure a number of you did as well. But, might as well share it with the world.