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Bill Belichick pushes microphone guy aside

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wasn’t interested in hanging around the handshake line longer than he needed to after Sunday’s 20-18 loss in the AFC Championship game, so he pushed his way through—literally.

An audio guy holding a microphone was attempting to capture all of the dialogue on the field, and Belichick was not interested in squeezing through him or asking him to move. So, he just pushed the microphone guy aside.

We understand that Belichick didn’t want to remain on the field longer than he needed to be, but he probably could’ve handled this in a more polite manner, rather than just pushing the man aside like he wasn’t supposed to be there. The microphone guy was just doing his job, and he has a right to be there, just like Belichick does.

Matt Birch

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