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Baltimore Ravens don’t back down from nobody…except Pittsburgh

This is always a slow time of the year for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it’s good to know that no matter what free agency brings the Baltimore Ravens still know their place.

The Ravens have asked the NFL not to schedule any prime time games at Pittsburgh for the Birds next season.

This is especially big news considering the Ravens were the likely favorite to open the season up in Pittsburgh on the Thursday night kickoff special.

I’m not sure how common these types of requests are, but I can’t see the Steelers not wanting to play a prime time game at Baltimore or Tennessee or New England. A football team should welcome the challange and Monday or Thursday night games are supposed to bring out the best in a football team.

So next time a Ravens fan says that they aren’t scared of Pittsburgh, this pretty much seals the deal. This has to be embarrassing to read in the media for the Batimore organization. After getting beaten three times by the Steelers – twice in prime time – the Birds have pretty much thrown in the towel and don’t want any part of Heinz Field under the bright lights.