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Top 5 Blue Jays Highlights: 4/2/17 – 4/9/17

Here are the top 5 Blue Jays highlights this week.

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Click play twice on the videos, and enjoy 🙂

1) 4/6/17: Marcus Stroman dominates the Rays:

2) 4/5/17: Kevin Pillar flashes his glove against Manny Machado:

3) 4/6/17: “Welcome to the Blue Jays” Kendrys Morales!

4) 4/7/17: Troy Tulowitzki hits his first home run!

5) 4/3/17: Orioles fans booing the Blue Jays lineup (except for Steve Pearce):

And the rest is … history.

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Gif courtesy of Giphy.