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You Are A Big Leaguer, Dominic Leone. Don’t Forget That.

Mr. Leone—AKA Dominic Leone.

Regardless of where you are, regardless of what team you play in, I want you to remember this: you belong in the big leagues.

Here’s why. You made the Opening Day roster, and dominated the Rays.

You were outstanding my man. Still, there were rumblings about you being sent down:

The rumors, unfortunately, were true: you were optioned to Triple-A:

Bummer. Shake my head.

Thankfully, the Blue Jays realized their mistake the next day and brought you back up:

There was a reason they placed J.P Howell on the disabled list 😛

All kidding aside, Mr. Leone … I saw you pitch in that seesaw game, and I have to say this—otherwise, no one else will—you shouldn’t have been charged with that earned run.

It was not your fault.

First of all, the home plate umpire called some of your strikes ‘balls’:

You pitched where Salty wanted it. It wasn’t just a pitch outside. It was in there for a strike!

Second, the lights at Tropicana field messed up a routine flyball:

That ball should have been the second out.

Third, Jose Bautista‘s rocket to home plate looked like an out:

That ball should have been the third out. But Evan Longoria was SAFE, and the Rays scored another run.

So yeah, you technically gave up a run but honestly, how were those misplays your fault? It’s not.

No one can say, with 100% certainty, that you earned that run—especially when you can bounce back and do this:

You struck out Brad Miller! You had electric stuff.

By the way! Look at Jarrod Saltalamacchia walking off the field. He was looking at you—like ‘wow man, good pitch.’

Salty admired your outing that night. No doubt about your pitches.

I know, Mr. Leone, you read a lot. Want me to get the point?

Okay! okay. You were dominant in your first outing, and so you did not deserve a demotion afterwards.

You belong here in the big leagues. You, my friend, belong here with the Blue Jays.

GO Jays. Follow me on Twitter: @BlueJaysMic.

Gifs from MLB.TV.