CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 24:  Head coach Bruce Arians of the Arizona Cardinals greets an official prior to the NFC Championship Game between the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals at Bank of America Stadium on January 24, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Bruce Arians wasn’t thrilled with five-minute wait to take field

The Cardinals were all ready to take the field Sunday for the NFC championship game, then told they had to wait five minutes.

Head coach Bruce Arians wasn’t happy about that, according to

The Panthers routed the Cardinals 49-15, but Arians didn’t use the pre-game delay as an excuse to explain why his team waited about 18 minutes to actually play after the game started. He said all it really affected was his blood pressure.

The earlier AFC championship game ran a little long. As a result, the start of the NFC championship game was pushed back a few minutes so television viewers could watch the end of a Patriots-Broncos game that came down to the final seconds.

Basically, it’s all about TV. The networks pay the NFL billions of dollars. The further teams advance in the postseason, the more they should be ready for inconveniences like the one the Cardinals faced Sunday.

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