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Big tongue rasberrys to all the negative nancys out there, part one. Don’t worry Bucstoppers, there will MORE in the years to come. Still think the Glazers are dirt poor and dont have money to spend on free agency? As opposed to maybe they just want to DEVELOP some great talent and retain it, then AUGMENT that talent with free agents who are worthy of the money? Same people who forgot all about Claytons contract (or complained about it), or Kellen Winslow Jr’s contract (or who complained about IT), not to mention going out and getting Derrick Ward, Mike Nugent, you Nancys STILL think the Glazers are cheap? The Glazers have been announced to own two of the WORLDS most valueable dozen sports franchises!!! Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the 9th most valuable American Sports franchise, and the 12th most valuable franchise in the entire WORLD!! Here is the Times article for you to read and gloat over Bucstoppers (and cry over Nancys)!