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New Comment System and a revision of Billionaires vs Millionaires

Thank You Everyone for coming by the NEW Bucstop.com. One feature that got here late was the comment system. A brand new comment system is now in place of the basic one that we launched with, so check it out, leave a comment, a word, whatever! Sorry if your comments last week were lost, looks to be a side effect of the change.


millionairesNot these kind of Millionaires vs Billionaires V.2.0

I am not one to stick to a point needlessly if somone can change my mind. One of my college teachers challenged me once with a statement, that you can have any opinion in the world you want, if you can back it up with why.

Im going to give credit to The Big Dog Steve Deumig on this one, because he made a very good point. He basically stated that the current labor situation is not a case of Billionaires vs Millionaires, because only a handful of football players actually make a million dollars a year. This is a very good point; although a lot of football players should be millionaires if they last more than a few years in the league. But with an average of only 3 years duration for the life of an NFL player, thats not saying much.


So I stand corrected on my terminology; however I’d like to point out, Ive been in favor of the players a little more than the owners anyways, which is sort of obvious by my articles.