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The Time is NOW…..


Last week was another ho hum comeback for Josh freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After a putrid first half in which Rah called probably the worst of his tenure in Tampa, Josh Freeman and company came alive to deliver yet another comeback win for this young team. The defense after getting gashed by all day Adrian Peterson in the first half came alive and were able to get a few key stops that allowed Josh freeman and Legarrette Blount to get going. Through 8 quarters the Bucs have played 2 well enough to win at a consistent level. That will just not cut it come Sunday afternoon.

The Atlanta Falcons who once again roll into Tampa fresh off a big win against the Eagles are a lot of pundit’s odds on favorite to reach the Super bowl this year. A team with weapons all over the field and a young stud QB to go along with them are once again primed to be the class of the NFC South. Last year all this young exciting team heard was how they didn’t beat a quality team all year. They heard how they feasted on an easy schedule against weaker teams.

The Time is now for this youngry Tampa Bay Buccaneers team to show the NFL just how good they are. The time is now for this team to play a full 60 minutes and stop the 5 game skid that it is currently on against the Atlanta Falcons. The Time is now for this youngry team to grow up a bit and shed the young label it has on them.

The time is now for a player like Gerald McCoy to step up and become the player we all want him to be. The time is now for Mason Foster to take the reins of this defense and stand tall or crumble under the pressure of making the defensive calls. The time is now for a defensive line that has struggled thus far to get their first sack of the year. The time is now for a coaching staff to come together and get this team to play together from the first whistle.

This weekend coming up isn’t the last or most important test for this team. There are many More Sundays and many more plays that will determine this season’s outcome, but Sunday provides this team a real shot at getting a leg up on their goal of winning a division title and yes, the time do that is NOW!